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Punta Gorda City Election

for Councilman District 3

Tuesday November 5, 2019

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Offices up for Election 2020


Federal Offices

President and Vice President

United States Senator

Representative in Congress (Charlotte County Representatives) DST 17


Multicounty and District Offices

State Representative  DST 75

State Senator  DST23

Charlotte County Offices

Airport Authority  DSTS 1,3,5

Board of County Commissioners  DSTS 1,3,5

Clerk of the Court

Heritage Lake Park Community Development District (CDD)  GRPS 4,5

Heritage Oaks Community Development District (CDD)  GRPS 1,2,5

Property Appraiser

Riverwood Community Development District (CDD)  GRPS 1,3,4

School Board  DSTS 2,3,5


Soil and Water Conservation District  DSTS 1,3,5

Supervisor of Elections

Tax Collector


Judicial Retention (Non-partisan)

Judge, Second District Court of Appeal (Only those whose term expires January 3, 2021)

Justice of the Supreme Court (only those whose term expires January 3, 2021)



Circuit Judges (Non-partisan) 

20th Judicial

(Only those whose term expires January 3 2021) 

Charlotte County Court Judges (Non-partisan)

(Only those whose term expires January 3, 2021)