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How does tracing one’s roots relate to the SOE?

At the invitation of the current President of the Charlotte County Genealogical Society, Inc., Barbara Fleshman, the Supervisor of Elections set out to answer that question.  On Wednesday, October 21, 2009, Diane Verdon, Adopt-A-Precinct Coordinator and Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis attended a chapter meeting of the Genealogical Society, held at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Port Charlotte. Speaking to a group of approximately fifty members, Paul was there to introduce the Adopt-A-Precinct Partnership program, which would provide this eager group of genealogists an opportunity to give back to their community, while raising funds for their society.  The society continues to partner with the Mid-County Regional Library to fulfill their mutual goals of serving the public and providing assistance, meshing well with the goals set forth by the SOE’s partnership opportunity.

 Diane Verdon, Adopt-A-Precinct Partnership Coordinator and
Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis


Barbara Fleshman, a poll worker herself for the 2008 General Election heard, of the Adopt-A-Precinct Partnership program at a sister chapter meeting she attended.  She requested additional information for the chapter she currently presides over.   Encouraged by the fund-raising opportunities, combined with the ability for her group to unite and continue to give back to the community, she felt the concept worthy of further exploration. Paul spoke of the potential benefits of this partnership with his office, and hoped to inspire members of the organization to get involved with the election process. “As far back as our Founding Fathers and the inception of the return of democracy, one can trace not only their roots, but the concept of the importance of voting,” observed the Supervisor.  Diane dispersed brochures describing the benefits of the program, the poll workers newsletter, Gatekeepers Gazette, which can also be found on-line at 

www.charlottevotes.com, and a calendar of the 2010 election cycle dates. The Adopt-A-Precinct Partnership program is an evolving opportunity for professionals across the county to unite, give back to their community, fundraise for their organization or favorite charity, all while instilling or reinforcing a feeling of civic pride and patriotism.  A win-win for both the organization and the SOE's needs during each election. Tasty desserts and refreshments were enjoyed by all while Paul and Diane fielded a productive Q&A session following the presentation.  Paul and Diane looked forward to the prospect of further growth of their program, as Barbara expressed her gratitude, on behalf of the organization, for the multi-dimensional agenda the Supervisor of Elections brought to their meeting.