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New Supervisor Workshop in Tallahassee

On the Road Again – This time it is off to the state capital.  On February 23rd and 24th, 2009, a mandatory workshop for new supervisors was held in the R.A. Gray building, home of the Division of Elections and office of the Secretary of State.  The area encompassing our state buildings is beautiful, integrating our state’s history alongside progressive modernism.

In attendance from Charlotte County were the new Supervisor, the Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and staff members Jenine, Marketing and Special Projects Director and Sandy, Qualifying Officer and Office Manager.  Paul is one of 67 Supervisors of Elections in the State of Florida and was in attendance to learn as much as possible about the job into which he was elected to serve.

Traveling to Tallahassee, Paul and staff attended a workshop entitled “NEW SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS IMMERSION”.  Secretary of State, Kurt S. Browning, addressed the eleven new supervisors, hailing from Brevard to Wakulla.  The Secretary of State, himself a former Supervisor of Election, provided a motivational kick-start to the two-day workshop.  Initial introductions were made before getting down to the business at hand.
Among the dignitaries speaking to the newest class of SOE, were the Director of the Division of Elections, Donald L. Palmer, Bureau of Election Records Chief, Kristi Reid Bronson and Bureau of Voter Registration Services, Chief, Peggy Taff.  The “Nuts-and-Bolts of Elections” was featured and ample time for quality networking was highly encouraged.  The workshop provided a good environment to learn from seasoned veterans of the Elections world, get the new faces in front of the decision makers and provide opportunities for the new class to familiarize themselves with each other.
In addition to the bureau chiefs, others in attendance included Assistant Director of the Division, Sarah Jane Bradshaw, HAVA Section representative, Joyce Durbin, Legal Counsel Attorneys, Maria Matthews and Gary Holland and Senior Management Analysts, Toshia Brown and Danielle C. Scoggins.  New supervisors learned first hand, from those in the know, about the important role they play in this democratic process.

Over the two-day workshop an abundance of information was shared.  By the conclusion of the two-day event, the new supervisors were empowered to go back to their respective counties having made worthy in-roads, both in the knowledge realm and in the relationships that help drive these processes.  Understanding the laws both at the federal level and the Florida State Statutes, which must be adhered to, assists supervisors in achieving their goal of error-free elections.

The Hon. Paul Stamoulis and his staff are encouraged by all learning opportunities.  Availing themselves of learning environments and sharing that knowledge, the SOE office strives to enable the community to view this transparency as the foundation from which error-free elections will come.  Look forward to future on the road experiences.  If you would like to learn more about our State’s capital and the Division of Elections please visit