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It was off to Tallahassee for the IT and Facilities crew

Charlotte County’s Supervisor of Election, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis wants his staff to be as informed and election-ready as is humanly possible.  To that end he is consistently encouraging staff to seek opportunities for growth and knowledge.  “My philosophy has always been one of encouraging staff to maximize their potential.”  Paul understands that with this investment in his staff, the return to the office and the election process in Charlotte County will be realized exponentially.

Bright and early Monday morning, the SOE van left 226 Taylor Street headed for Florida’s capital, Tallahassee.  It was here that the EViD 2010 Test Drive sessions took place.  Paul Hale, Lou Spacco, Lori Harney Russell and Bonnie Parkinson attended the workshop, held at the VR Systems offices.  They were joined by representatives of eight counties, including Alachua, Baker, Columbia, Hernando, Marion, Martin, and St. John’s.  All-in-all, sixteen professionals, joined by the entire EViD team learned firsthand of the up-and-coming advances made to the EViD software and platform.

Ben Martin, EViD Project Manager for VR Systems, Inc. led an interactive, lively discussion regarding all of theEViD updates that are underway for the 2010 election cycle.  VR Systems spends copious hours sifting through and prioritizing the users’ requests, and conducting all of the vital steps it takes to bring about the changes necessary to keep their equipment current, relevant and user- friendly, while maintaining its efficacy and efficiency.


 Larry and Nick at VR headquarters in Tallahassee

Not only did the representatives from Charlotte County get to see what is new, they also got hands-on experience that will allow them to provide necessary input to the vendor for final modifications to be made.  In addition to the first hand exposure, they also were treated to a viewing of the next prototype EViD.  A look into the future – today!

Networking with peers across the state, with the vendor, and with the professionals that help make the tools necessary for Charlotte County to get the job done, was an invaluable experience.  It speaks succinctly to the Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis’ philosophy of providing all of the tools necessary to help his staff grow, and to maximize their potential.  Realizing the return-on-investment Paul fully supported this journey to the state capital.

 Lori Harney Russell and Paul Hale with Ginny Cox
at VR offices for EViD Test Drive 2010

 Abundent Networking and brainstorming with EViD Team
Paul Hale, Bonnie Parkinson, Lou Spacco and Nick

Paul, Lou, Lori and Bonnie all felt they gained an important breadth of experience that will help propel them toward modifications and improvements for the 2010 election cycle.  The EViDs,”electronic registers,” are used in many of the precincts across Charlotte County.  It is the desire of this Supervisor to be able to expand the use of the EViDs to as many precincts as is feasible.  Having seen the improvements and learning first-hand how these improvements will work toward the goals of Supervisor Stamoulis, they are energized and enthusiastic about the future of the role EViDs will play.

The SOE van returned from Tallahassee with four staffers encouraged by what they saw, what they learned and how it will all fit into the Supervisor of Elections vision for the future of the voting process in Charlotte County.  With all of the positive feedback Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis has received about the EViDs, he feels confident that his goal to expand the use of the EViDs will be well-received.  Charlotte County has worked diligently at staying on the cutting edge of technology, and this trip and the knowledge gained from it further solidifies the SOE’s ability to continue to do so!