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Poll Worker Department Dons their Finest Red, White and Blue

On Tuesday November 10thHon. Kathy Dent

 and her talented staff hosted a Poll Worker Workshop. Capitalizing on a similar workshop, held in Polk County, earlier this year, the Poll Worker Department of Sarasota County compiled a full day of learning, morale building, networking and fun! Opening the proceedings, Hon. Kathy Dent led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by introductions, accolades of appreciation and the opening of discussions.  Eighteen counties were represented.  Ms. Dent along with one other Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Kimberle B. Weeks, Flagler County, participated as well. The Poll Worker Department for Sarasota County put a lot of imagination and creativity into the day’s activities. Some agenda items included Recruiting County Workers, IRS Tax Code and I-9 Requirements, Recruiting Students and Young Adults, Recruiting on a Budget, Positions and Job Descriptions, Pre-testing used for Hiring, New Training Ideas, Morale Building and Rewards for Poll Workers in the Tight Economy.


 Charlotte County Poll Worker Department
Diane Verdon, Bonnie Parkinson, Randy Ann Bechtel



Charlotte County was well represented by the three members of the Poll Worker team.  Unplanned, but never-the-less patriotic, the red, white and blue clad team included, Diane Verdon, Randy Ann Bechtel and Bonnie Parkinson. Actively participating in discussions, break-out groups and the planned activities each of them gained knowledge and tools that will assist in the 2010 election cycle.  “This was an invaluable opportunity and a whole lot of fun too!” was just one of the remarks voiced by an attendee.  During one of the break-out sessions, Charlotte County, on the verge of kicking off online training was able to network and brainstorm with surrounding counties already using the valuable tool.  Gathering vital information that will help implementation and roll-out be as successful as possible was just one of the perks enjoyed by attending the workshop. 

Polk County, Precinct Services Coordinator, PJ Leiva was also able to gather valuable updates toward improving an on-going, statewide database of information targeted to the efforts of poll worker departments.  This along with responses to surveys conducted and information gathered by our host county will be distributed to each county throughout Florida as we all strive to conduct the best possible elections. The diligent year-round efforts put in by the poll worker departments across the state are just one aspect of the on-going work that goes into to fulfilling the mission of this Supervisor of Elections.  Charlotte County’s core mission:   to hold accurate and error-free elections!  The Poll Worker Department is grateful for the opportunity to attend and to Sarasota County for hosting another wonderfully informative workshop.  Kudos to all!!