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On January 23 at the Orange County Elections Office, representatives from the SOE staff attended a workshop on US Census Phase Two updates.  Lori Harney Russell, Paul Hale and Lou Spacco, traveled to the downtown Orlando site where they learned about the software used to help make the 2010 Census work for you!  In a collaborative effort with Census experts and SOE staff members, the goal is to define roadblocks and pave the way for the completion of defining the VTD (Voter Districts) boundaries for the 2010 Census.

In the past, Florida districts were built with Census blocks, but these Census subdivisions were not optimized for describing communities or facilitating elections.  Learning of the inefficiency this platform has caused propelled the Florida Senate Committee on Reapportionment to seek input from Supervisors Of Elections at the outset.

Lou SpaccoThe goal is to determine what communities elections officials would like to see kept intact when building districts.  The Florida Legislature armed with input from the Supervisors Of Elections will be able to submit Voter District Boundaries to the U.S. Bureau of Census allowing for the intermediate level of geography for building districts.

Since returning from the workshop, Lou has been diligently working on this project.  Preparing to meet deadlines, he has implemented software and is in the process of exhaustive analytical study to determine the recommendations that will best suit the residents of Charlotte County.   This is an on-going five phase project, one of many things that occur behind the scenes at the Supervisor of Elections Offices.

We share this information and provide you with links to enlighten you, all in an effort to increase awareness of just where your tax dollars are being spent.  For more information go tohttp://www.census.gov/rdo/program_phases/009916.html.  If you have any questions or comments, please email me at paulstamoulis@charlottevotes.com or call 941-833-5413.  We invite you to share your thoughts about this and any other questions you may have. 

Paul's Signature
Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis
Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections



Based on Public Law (P.L.) 94-171 (Title 13, United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 141(c)), all 50 states have the opportunity to participate in the 2010 Census Redistricting Data Program.

Definition:  Phase 2—Voting District/Block Boundary Suggestion Project (VTD/BBSP) 2007-2010; Voting District is a generic term that describes the administrative areas used by each participant to conduct their elections, such as precincts or wards.  Phase 2 of the 2010 Census Redistricting Data Program involves the collection of VTD boundaries, updates to legislative districts, and block boundary suggestions for possible inclusion in the 2010 Census block tabulations.