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Meet Our Staff

Some history – then a move toward the future!  To date there have been four Supervisors of Elections.  The current full-time staff of ten is diverse in skills, knowledge, hobbies and roots.  Some are local and some are transplants to the area.  Some are new and some have a long history with the office, having worked for three of those Supervisors. Charlotte County continues to grow.  Along with that growth, the Supervisor of Elections office has grown.  In an effort to accommodate the approximately 133,000 registered voters the staff is cross-trained and capable of servicing the needs of the Charlotte County residents in any of the three branch office locations.

On January 6, 2009, on the steps of the historic Charlotte County Courthouse (circa 1928), the newest Supervisor of Elections was sworn in.  A retired Judge, the Honorable Paul A. Stamoulis brings a fresh approach to the office.  He pledges to continue the long-standing traditions of integrity, transparency and honesty.  Capitalizing on present resources while maintaining fiscal responsibilities to the taxpayers he serves, he plans to live up to the mission statement of the office to which he was elected.

Paul would like you to meet the staff, learn a bit about each of them, and become familiar with those people who are available to meet your needs.  Count on a friendly smile, an occasional joke or as much history as you make time to listen to.  The staff is here to serve the residents of Charlotte County.  Remember, register and exercise your right to vote.  Men and women have given their lives to protect that right and to preserve our freedom.  The Supervisor of Elections staff is available to help fulfill this right.  Our democracy depends on it!

Assistant Supervisor of Elections

Facilities Director
IT Director

Deputy registrar
Sr. Outreach Coordinator
Vote in Honor of a Vet Coordinator
 Educational Outreach

Voter Registration Coordinator
Voter Registration Coordinator

Poll worker department
Election Worker Coordinator
Educational Outreach
Election Worker Newsletter Co-Editor

Election Worker Coordinator
Educational Outreach
 Election Worker Newsletter Co-Editor

Web Master
Deputy Registrar


PC, englewood office
Branch Office Coordinator
Port Charlotte/
Englewood Office 
 List Maintenance coordinator
Voter Registration Specialist
Candidate Qualifying Specialist
Vote-By-Mail Specialist
List Maintenance Coordinator 
Front office manager 
Office Manager
Public Information Officer
Candidate Qualifying Coordinator
Vote-By-Mail Coordinator

Warehouse Specialist