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Senior Outreach Initiative Celebration of Outreach Ambassadors

You elected him to serve and serve he does.  Hon. Paul. A. Stamoulis takes his responsibilities quite seriously.  He has dedicated his early days of service to reaching out to the community in a variety of ways.  Determined to raise awareness and give thanks to the volunteers who represent the office to which he has been elected remains a top priority.
 Greeting Outreach Ambassadors

 Outreach Coordinator Soni Stover and
Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis
Greet Outreach Ambassadors

Paul has been diligently working to recognize the Charlotte County citizens who volunteer their time to make a difference and who, over the years, have represented the Elections office so well.  To show appreciation, he extended an invitation to the Outreach Ambassadors to join him in a celebration of their efforts.

On Friday, April 24th at 2:00 PM in the historic courthouse, ten of the volunteers who serve as Outreach Ambassadors joined the Supervisor of Elections and his staff in a celebration.  Senior Outreach Coordinator, Soni Stover, introduced her team of volunteers to the Supervisor and to her newly appointed successor, Vinnie Treppiedi.

Enjoying home-baked delicacies and good conversation, the group delighted in sharing the detailed stories that have occurred over the years.  Paul extended praise for their efforts and encouragement toward continued growth of the Senior Outreach Initiative.  Soni and Vinnie circulated among the team members in an effort to acquaint each volunteer with the future coordinator of this group. 

With twenty-six years of dedicated service, Soni is preparing to move forward in retirement. Vinnie, an admirable replacement, has a fairly large pair of shoes to fill but Paul feels confident she is worthy of the task.  Excited to meet with some of the volunteers, Paul and Vinnie recognized the commendable efforts put forth thus far and look forward to a bright future.
 Soni Introduces Vinnie to Outreach Ambassadors

Introduction of Vinnie to Outreach Ambassadors 

Hilda Adamczyk, Elaine and Herb Hagmann, Jannett Hawley, Nancy and Ron Mayfield, Purabi Mitra, Ann Parsons, Charlotte Quinn and Eleanor Skinner represented the core group of Outreach Ambassadors.  These dedicated volunteers continue to service the voting needs of the Charlotte County residents who claim Care Centers and Veterans Homes as their prime residence.

Paul and his Outreach Team enjoyed celebrating the commendable work put forth by the Outreach Ambassadors.  Dedicated to the citizens he serves and committed to fulfilling our founding fathers’ dreams, Paul encourages his staff and those who serve as extensions of his office to continue their mission, enabling all voters to exercise their democratic right to vote with dignity!  
Sr Outreach Ambassadors Celebration

 Hon Paul A Stamoulis and Soni Stover
Thank Sr. Outreach Ambassadors

Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul. A. Stamoulis is committed to recognize all of the efforts put forth by each of the dedicated citizens of Charlotte County.  Paul, Soni and Vinnie extend a very heartfelt thank-you to each of the Outreach Ambassadors who attended the celebration, as well as to those who were unable to attend.

If you are considering a volunteer position to help citizens of Charlotte County who reside in facilities serviced by our office, you are encouraged to call us at your convenience.  Vinnie may be reached at
941-833-5402 and would love to speak with you if you have an interest in learning more about this exciting opportunity.

 Hon Paul A Stamoulis and Soni Stover Thanks Ambassadors

 SOE Staff and Sr Outreach Ambassadors