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Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis Visits County Schools

During the months of March and into early April, Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, and his Outreach Representatives, Randy Ann Bechtel and Lou Spacco, visited several schools across the county.  Taking a proactive approach to raising awareness and helping to instill civic pride in our youth is what drives the Supervisor of Elections to reach out to the community and get involved.

Passionate about the dreams of our forefathers’ and the dedication of our soldiers who risk their lives everyday to protect our freedom, Paul and his staff seize every moment to discuss democracy and the right to vote!  Convinced that through our youth, change occurs, the team presents a timeline of the voting processes and fields responses from the audience.  Prepared to address issues, peppered with some wit, the facts are presented and demonstrations are given for all to learn of the history and mechanics of voting.

The team works with the understanding that while the message is consistent and every vote counts, the means to cast that vote are constantly evolving. Our students of today will not likely be voting on the same demonstrated equipment. Despite the ever-developing change that occurs in the elections forum, the basic premise remains the same - our freedom depends upon the exercise of our right to vote.

By working with the faculty, Paul and his outreach team work to have a positive impact on our youth as they strive to instill patriotism, civic pride and dedication to country.
At one of the most recent visits Facilities Director, Paul Hale witnessed students at the Murdock Middle School and was captivated not only by the presentation, but moved by the students' willing participation and enthusiasm.

Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis believes that they are touching many lives in this outreach program, seeing four to six classes during each visit, with approximately thirty students in each class.  They have visited a total of five schools across the county and will be at The Academy, in Port Charlotte, later in April.

At each visit, the Supervisor is encouraged when he witnesses the youth participation.  He and his team are joined by the students, standing to face the flag, covering their heart and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Paul appreciates the teachers' advance preparation, encouraging students to research the subject matter and develop questions prior to his visit.  This elevates the level of student  participation, allowing for a more interactive and exciting presentation.

Paul and his staff provide a customized platform by which their audience learns not only what the Supervisor’s office does, but also about the current equipment used and the importance of voting.  Determined to spread the word about the importance of each and every vote and the legal and moral foundation upon which our country has been built, drives this Supervisor of Elections to raise awareness of the blessings of freedom among the future leaders of our great country.

             Punta Gorda Middle School

 Home of the Eagles

 Punta Gorda Middle School 3-5-09  
  Joseph Dicicco, 8th grade American History Teacher;
Cathy Corsaletti, Principal; Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis
and Randy Ann Bechtel at Punta Gorda Middle School