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L. A. Ainger

LA Ainger Middle School
Home of The Cougars


Hon Paul A Stamoulis and Student at LA Ainger

 LA Ainger Midlle School

The Supervisor congratulates a
student who has just voted!

Marcia Louden, Principal; Tina Wood & Dr. Paul Cleveland,
US History Teachers; Randy Ann Bechtel & Lou Spacco
Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, Supervisor of Elections


Port Charlotte High School
Home of The Pirates

The Supervisor; Katie Root,
Government & Economics Teacher;
Donna Dunakey, Curriculum & Instruction
Specialist for Social Sciences
and Lou Spacco visit PCHS

 Paul Katie Donna Lou PCHS
 PCHS with SOE Staff  Hon Paul Stamoulis at PCHS

Steve Dionisio, Principal; Katie Root, Mike Means,
James Rodriguez, Government & Economic Teachers;
Debra Tate, Occupational Specialist; Mike Riley, School
and Community Relations Officer;
with SOE Staff, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, Lou Spacco
and Randy Ann Bechtel
(District Education Clubs of America)

The Supervisor of Elections
speaks to the students about
democracy, elections,
civic involvement

 Lou Spacco and DS200 at PCHS  Katie Root Awards Hon Paul A Stamoulis at PCHS

Lou Spacco, Support Services demonstrates
DS200 Optical Scan Tabulator

Katie Root presents "Outstanding Mentoring"
award to Supervisor of Elections,
Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis