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Senior Voter Outreach Program

Team Members:

Linda Armstrong-Deeble, Senior Outreach Coordinator

Volunteer Outreach Ambassadors

Supervisor of Elections, Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis


Our Outreach Programs are extensions of the Supervisor of Elections offices.  Great strides have been made to make voting easier for our voters with special needs and our senior population.  This is a way for the Supervisor of Elections to reach out to the community and serve all citizens of Charlotte County.  Serving our elderly population and Veterans with periodic visits throughout the year in various Care Centers and Veteran’s Homes is beneficial, increasing the value of life for our senior citizens.


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Our Senior Outreach Team members go out into the community to provide services to voters that are unable, for any variety of reasons, to come into our offices.  We are non-partisan professionals providing general information and tools allowing voters to be able to cast their vote.

Working through the Activities Director in any of the care facilities that request our presence, the arrangements are made for the residents to interact with the representatives from the SOE offices.  These team members can help residents register to vote, make necessary changes or updates, deliver and receive ballots during election times and provide answers to questions via non-partisan education materials.


During a non-election year: two to three times annually, representatives from the Supervisor of Elections office visit Care Centers and Veterans Homes in Charlotte County.  They register new voters, take address changes and party changes, update signatures and take absentee ballot requests.

During an election year: up to six times in a year representatives of the SOE office will pay a visit to the Care Centers and Veterans Homes in Charlotte County.

One to two months before visiting any Care Center the Senior Outreach Coordinator, or designee, contacts the Activities Director to establish a time and date for representatives from the SOE office to visit.  The Activities Director notes this on their calendar allowing residents and family members of residents to know about the upcoming event.

Once time and date are confirmed via communication with the Activities Director, a mailing from our offices to the facility confirms all important information. Included is the list of residents receiving ballots or having ballots mailed to them directly.

Family members are encouraged to be on hand if/when possible.  This allows the residents to feel more comfortable in the event they have questions or need additional assistance.  This becomes especially important when the ballots are delivered, as our representatives are non-partisan and unable to give any information relating to specific candidates or issues.

Care Centers sign an agreement confirming that they have requested our services and delineating the level of services required.  Some only request that we update records and take absentee ballot requests.  In this case the ballots are mailed to the residents in the facility.  In other cases we deliver the ballots and bring them back to the SOE offices once the voter has completed their ballot.

In the office, several logs are maintained in order to preserve the integrity of the voting process.  An absentee ballot log is kept tracking the disposition of the ballots from the time they leave the SOE office until they are securely returned. Absentee ballots are kept under lock and key until they are processed.  A delivery bag lock log is kept.  Each facility has a designated number on a tag, attached to a bag with a lock.  These are logged in and out whenever a change occurs.

During an election cycle the ballots are delivered three to four weeks prior to an election.  Two to four Outreach Volunteer Ambassadors accompany the SOE team.  These volunteers are representatives of all of the major parties and assist the voter by reading instructions for marking their ballot.  They are collateral witnesses to maintain the integrity of the voting process.
Vinnie Treppedi, Sr. Outreach Apprentice - Margaret Evans, Activities Director, River Commons, - Soni Stover, Sr. Outreach Specialist

Vinnie Treppiedi, Sr. Outreach Coordinator - Margaret Evans, Activities Director,
River Commons, - Soni Stover, Sr. Outreach Specialist (Retired)

Resources/Materials Needed:

¨      Volunteers, an ever changing pool representing all major parties; this pool changes year to year but levels off around 15-20 to support Charlotte County.

¨      Florida Voter Registration Applications (FVRA)

¨      Sample Ballots (when available)

¨      Q&A Brochures

¨      Secure Transport Receptacles

¨      Log reports to maintain integrity of processes

 Tying It All Together:

Our dedicated Outreach Specialists and Volunteer Ambassadors represent the Supervisor of Elections Office and continue to service the voting needs of the Charlotte County residents who designate Care Centers and Veterans Homes as their primary residence.  Informed voters exercising their democratic right to vote – the representative of the SOE office are able to help these residents fulfill our founding fathers’ dreams with honor and dignity!