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The Academy The Importance of Voting and Civic Responsibility and Voter Registration Drive

On Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, Supervisor of Elections, 
The Academy 4-21-09 

Randy Ann Bechtel; Mrs. Kellee Anderson and
Mrs. Deven Seibert, 12th Grade Instructors; Lou Spacco
and Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis speaking to 
Senior Classes - American Government at The Academy

accompanied by Randy Ann Bechtel, Outreach Specialist and Lou Spacco, Election Support Services, shared their presentation with the American Government, Senior class at The Academy.  Their demonstration included the history and importance of voting from inception to current times.  Along with the presentation, they included a hands-on demonstration of Charlotte County’s current equipment.

In addition to the lecture, there was a voter registration drive during which twenty-four future voter's were enrolled for the very first time.  Rounding out the demonstration was an open forum question and answer period, that allowed the Supervisor the ability to reiterate the civic responsibility that comes along with voting.

Both Mrs. Kellee Anderson and Mrs. Deven Seibert's classes attended and raised some well thought-out questions.  Randy Ann and Lou enjoyed sharing their knowledge of the equipment and processes and participated in the Q&A session as well.

Our Supervisor seeks to raise awareness of the voting processes throughout the County that has elected him. He is passionate about describing the history of voting and the cost of freedom.  The Seniors at The Academy, who represent the future leaders of our country, are more empowered with the knowledge they received and the ability to fulfill our forefathers' dreams of a free America, where every eligible citizen can vote and every vote counts!

As the academic year draws to a close, so do the Supervisor of Elections demonstrations within the Charlotte County Schools.  If anyone is interested in having his team attend their institution, organization, facility or neighborhood group, this civic-minded team is more than willing to do so.  You can reach Randy Ann at (941) 743-1387 or the Supervisor's office at (941) 833-5400, to make arrangements that are mutually suitable. 

Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and his Outreach Team enjoy sharing the knowledge and raising the awareness of the importance of voting.  If there are any questions, comments or concerns, Paul encourages anyone to contact him at soe@charlottevotes.com or stop by the Historic Courthouse in Punta Gorda, as he is willing to share a conversation, answer questions and address concerns for all residents of Charlotte County.