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The Academy - The Election Process and Voter Registration Drive

The Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and his Outreach Coordinator, Randy Ann Bechtel were out and about once again.  On September 23 they went back to The Academy.  At the invitation of Mrs. Kellee Anderson, American Government Instructor, the Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis spoke about the Electoral College versus Popular Vote.  Randy Ann Bechtel oversaw a voter registration drive.

 The Academy

 Supervisor of Elections visits The Academy
Randy Ann Bechtel, Outreach Coordinator
Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, SOE
Mrs. Kellee Anderson and Mr. Ryan Murphy, Instructors

Eleventh and Twelfth grade students from both Mrs. Anderson’s classes and Mr. Ryan Murphy’s classes attended the compelling lecture given by the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections.  “The Electoral College was devised by the founding fathers as a compromise between the election of a President by popular vote and by the Congress. The College currently consists of 538 electors -- based on the total number of Representatives and Senators, plus three District of Columbia electors.”   There was a provocative question and answer (Q&A) open forum, with great student participation recognized throughout the sessions.

 “Students came away with a better understanding of theElectoral College versus Popular Vote.”  Paul discussed how the Electoral College was perceived via the Constitution, with the thirteen colonies, and the pros and cons of the electoral process.
Interactive Discussion at the Academy 

Supervisor of Elections visits The Academy
Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, SOE engages 11th and 12th graders
in an interactive discussion on the electoral process

Randy Ann made available all of the necessary resources for eligible students to pre-register or register to vote.

A compelling lecture followed by an intellectual conversation between the Supervisor of Elections and the future voters that will continue to uphold ourFounding Fathers dreams of a free democracy, where every vote matters and the privilege to cast one’s vote freely is the American way!