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Third Annual Back-To-School Carnival

In August the Charlotte County Cultural Center sponsored a daylong event, the third annual 
 Back To School Carnival 2009

 3,500 +/- Attended 2009 Back To School Carnival

Back-to-School Carnival, and once

again the Supervisor of Elections and his trusty Community Outreach Coordinator were in attendance.  Hon Paul A. Stamoulis and Randy Ann Bechtel along with approximately 3,500 Charlotte County residents enjoyed the festivities hosted by the Cultural Center.

Ms. Donna Barrett, Marketing Specialist organized this very successful event.  Paul and Randy Ann were able to provide applications to new residents, receiving ten completed apps. for return to the SOE offices for processing.  Several other applications were taken, and answers to an array of questions were provided.  Students enjoyed many gifts with special kudos to the SOE for the patriotic pencils that will help the students recall their excellent experience.  Just another way the Supervisor is able to have an impact on the community he has been elected to serve.

Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and Donna Barrett   Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and Randy Ann Bechtel

 Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis, Supervisor of Elections
and Donna Barrett, Marketing Specialist

 Hon. Paul A. Stamoulis and Randy Ann Bechtel