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Changes in Address

When Voters Move

When a voter moves from the address on that person's voter registration record to another address within the same county, or from another Florida county, the elector must provide notification of such move to the Supervisor of Elections of that county. The elector may provide the supervisor a signed, written notice or may notify the supervisor by telephone or electronic means. The voter may also submit the change on a Voter Registration Application.

Generally, you must vote in the precinct in which you live and are registered, or in the voting location to which you have been assigned. 

If you have not already provided change of address information to the Supervisor of Elections prior to the election, you will be required to provide that information before you can vote. You can change your address for both in-county or from out- of-county moves in any of the following ways:

  1. You can call our office at 941-833-5400. 
  2.  You can email our office at soe@soecharlottecountyfl.gov. Your notice must contain either your date of birth or your Voter Registration Number. 
  3. You can fax your notice to us at 941-833-5422. Your notice must contain either your date of birth or your Voter Registration Number. 
  4.  You can change your party online and follow the directions on the site. 
  5.  You may visit any one of the three Supervisor of Elections Offices.

If you have not notified the Supervisor of Elections that you have moved prior to Election Day, you may go to the voting location for your precinct of legal residence on Election Day and fill out the required change of address information at the polls. A voter already registered to vote in Florida whose change of address is from WITHIN the county or a voter who has moved to Charlotte County from another Florida county may change their residential address at the the voting location and vote a regular ballot.

If you move to another state, you must register to vote in that state.

Address change by telephone - no signature needed, but it must be done by the voter himself/herself.

"In Office" change of address - must be done in writing or on an application (but the application not required).