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Restoration of Civil Rights

The Clerk of the Circuit Court provides a list of persons that have been convicted of a felony or a case file of a convicted felon is provided by the Department of State.  In either case a letter of notification is sent to each individual who is registered to vote.  The letter explains how to obtain the restoration of civil rights as well as an affirmation to deny or appeal the information that was obtained. F.S. 98.075(5)

Once the letter is mailed to the individual, the individual has 30 days to respond by telephone or by signed returned affirmation.  If no contact is attempted by the individual, the name and last known address of the individual is published in the local newspaper.  The individual has 30 days to respond to the Supervisor of Elections.  If no response is made from the individual from the published newspaper notice, then the person is removed from the voter registration books. F.S. 98.075(7)

If a voter is removed due to a felony conviction and they would like to restore their voting rights they may contact the Florida Commission on Offender Review  at 850-488-2952.

If a voter believes that they have been erroneously removed from the voter registration books, they may contact Chrisann Warn at the Supervisor of Elections office at 833-5400.

Links that may be helpful to individuals inquiring about Civil Rights Restoration:

How can I apply to have my civil rights restored?

To apply for restoration of civil rights, you may visit: www.fcor.state.fl.us/restoration.shtml

How do I check the status of my civil rights restoration paperwork?

The check the status of restoration of civil rights, you may visit:

What is the process to have my civil rights restored?

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