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Signature Updates or Name Change

Signature Updates

It is very important for you to keep your signature current with the Supervisor of Elections.  Signatures in your registration record are used to verify signatures on petitions and on Provisional and Vote By Mail Ballots.  If your signatures do not match, your petition or ballot will not count.  Signature updates for Provisional and Vote By Mail Ballot verification purposes must be submitted no later than the start of the canvassing of Vote By Mail Ballots, which occurs no earlier than 15 days before Election Day. To update your signature, you must use a Voter Registration Application and submit it to the Supervisor of Elections. Applications may be obtained at any public library, tax collector office or Supervisor of Elections Office.

download a Voter Registration Application.


When Voters Change Their Name

If you change your name by marriage or other legal process, you may provide notice of such change to a voter registration official by completing and signing a new Voter Registration Application. You may also submit a signed written notice that contains your date of birth or your voter registration number. You may mail, fax, or email this notice to our office.  If you have not provided this information prior to going to vote, you will be allowed to update this information prior to voting, but in order to avoid delays at the polling place, you should update your name as soon as possible after it has changed.

change the name on your Voter Registration