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EARLY VOTING OCT. 22- NOV. 4, 2018 7AM-7PM
Any Registered Voter in Charlotte County 
Can Vote At Any Of The Three (3) Early Voting Locations.

Must Vote At Your Assigned Voting Location.

PLEASE NOTE: A Vote By Mail Ballot request is valid for two (2) election cycles. For example, if your request is made prior to or on November 7, 2018, it will cover the 2018 election cycle and the next 2020 election cycle. If the request is made after November 8, 2018, it will cover the elections for the 2020 and 2022 cycles. ANY REQUEST MADE ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 5, 2014 HAS EXPIRED.


A candidate in the race for the office of 

Representative in Congress District 17

has passed away resulting in a replacement candidate as permitted by law.

Please be advised that:

A vote cast for April Freeman will count for Allen Ellison

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Dear Voters,

With interest and concern in the security of our voting system dominating the discussion these days, I thought I would share with you the best review I have seen of the Logic and Accuracy Testing (L&A) of our equipment which we conducted on August 6th. Special thanks to Mr. David Finster who allowed us the use of his excellent article.

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