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Deputy Registrar 



Anna was born and raised in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia. She moved to FL in 2008. Started to work for SOE as a part-time Poll Worker in 2012. Her positions varied from a role of a Deputy to Assistant Clerk.

She joined SOE as a permanent employee in 2018. She has extensive experience working in a multicultural customer service atmosphere. She worked for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) as a Self-Service Representative, at Department of Health in Charlotte County (DOH) for WIC-Women Infant & Children and the Reception. She is a DCF- certified Early Childhood Educator.

Anna graduated from Tbilisi State Technical University and holds a MA in English as a Foreign Language. She holds two College Credit Certificates (CCC) from FSW in Addiction Counseling and Human Services.
Anna also attended seventy hours of classes conducted by VR Systems on voter registration, campaign finance, Poll Worker maintenance, and conduct of elections. She is working on her Master Florida Election Professional Certification (MFCEP).

She is a dedicated mother to her nine-year old daughter. Her favorite pastime involves quality time spent with her daughter, sightseeing, attending various cultural events, cooking, travelling, swimming, etc.

She loves to participate in various community events, coordinate outreach activities to schools and senior homes, and give back to the community.

She feels truly  privileged and blessed to be working for the SOE and contributing to the Charlotte County community she loves so much.