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Voter Registration Coordinator
Punta Gorda Office

In 1996, starting as a part-time employee, Chrisann now begins her twenty first year as a full-time employee with the Supervisor of Elections office. She is cross-trained and able to fill in whenever and wherever needed. Her main responsibilities are in the area of data management.

New voters to Charlotte County submit their voter registration requests via Florida Voter Registration Application forms. In addition, name address and party changes are submitted to the SOE and these records are maintained by Chrisann. She enters data, merges and awaits state approval before producing Voter Information Cards for mailing. Working closely with other staff, Chrisann stays on top of entering new or changed streets and development addresses. She also works with representatives from local authorities to maintain accurate data relevant to precinct relocation and redistricting changes that affect voter information.

Chrisann has attended many classes offered by the Florida State Association of Supervisor of Election and received her Master Florida Certified Elections Professional Certification in June 2017. Chrisann also attended seventy hours of classes conducted by VR Systems on voter registration, campaign finance, Poll Worker maintenance, and conduct of elections.

Chrisann came to the area in 1969 from the Mid-west. In 1971, along with her parents and siblings, she moved to Punta Gorda. She is a graduate of Charlotte High School the home of the “Fighting Tarpons.” Married to her husband Phil for Thirty-One years, their family includes two children, Angelica and Austin, and their leopard gecko and cats. Passions outside of the office include swimming, arts and crafts, drawing, decorating, going to the movies, traveling to Tennessee and visiting with family.

Balancing work and family with her hobbies, Chrisann’s longevity in Punta Gorda affords her the ability to provide valuable insight into the history of her hometown. She is an asset to the SOE office, bringing fresh perspective of the past and a look towards the future. If it is new, old or somewhere in between and affects voter information data, count on Chrisann to be in charge of the details.