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Charlotte Technical Center Welcomes Voter Registration Drive

On Wednesday, September 9th, 2009, Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections, Community Outreach Coordinator, Randy Ann Bechtel, accepted an invitation from Tobé Cookingham,  Occupational Specialist/Financial Aid Instructor, to attend an outreach event. 

 Charlotte Technical Center
Constitution Day

She represented the SOE office for a daylong event, bringing the services out into the community.  As the Tech Center is preparing to celebrate the birthday of our Government, Constitution Day 9/17/09 – it seems a fitting match for the SOE to have a presence at this event.

Charlotte Technical Center (CTC) serves over 2,000 high school and adult students annually.  The Center is fully accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and is approved by the Veterans State Approval Agency.

With student success at the core of the Center's Mission Statement, the staff recognizes the varied needs, abilities, and talents of each individual while striving to meet the business, professional and industrial employment requirements of the Charlotte County area.”

 Voter Registration Table 9-9-09

 Randy and Tammy 9-9-09

 Voter Registration Table Charlotte Technical Center

 Charlotte Technical Center 9-9-09
Community Outreach Coordinator, Randy Ann Bechtel
Paraprofessional, Tammy Koennemann

Randy Ann held a Voter Registration Drive.  Many of the students were already registered voters; however she was able to provide pertinent up-to-date information regarding procedures, announced candidates, elected officials and resources that are available for the students.  By bringing the services right to the community students were able to gain valuable insight into the Supervisor of Elections Office, voting procedures and the 2010 elections.

Tammy Koennemann, Paraprofessional at the Tech Center stopped by Randy’s table and along with others inquired about the Adopt-A-Precinct Partnership Program.  Randy distributed brochures and Voter Guides and encouraged inquiring folks to visit our website for the most up-to-date information.

This was a first time visit for the Supervisor of Elections office; however with the warm reception, you can be assured that it will not be the last.  “The group appreciated us being there and the students were receptive.”  Congratulations to Randy Ann for a day well-spent representing the Supervisors office in its continuing efforts to promote voter education.